Un pensiero su “Castello di Rivoli – Villa Cerruti

  1. The collection of Francesco Federico Cerruti (Genoa, 1922 Turin, 2015), guarded and hidden in a villa in Rivoli near the Castello di Rivoli Museo d Arte Contemporanea, is unique in the history of Italian private collections for vastness and importance and makes the entrepreneur of Genoese origins one of the most important European collectors of the late h and early t century. In the Rivoli villa, Cerruti gathered extremely rare works, conserving them with care. Thanks to his generosity, and to that of the Fondazione Francesco Federico Cerruti, the collection has been open last h of May, in a modulation of the history of art from the Middle Ages to today, through Futurism, Metaphysics and major avant-gardes of the h century. Cerruti assembled a primarily European collection – very strong in Italian art – that provides a journey into the history of art, from furniture to historic art, from the Renaissance to today. It is a private collection of immense quality, like very few in Europe and the world, including extraordinary works ranging from Bernardo Daddi, Bergognone, Pontormo, Ribera and Batoni to Renoir, Modigliani, Kandinsky, Giacometti, Picasso, Klee, de Chirico, Severini, Boccioni, Balla, and Magritte, as well as Bacon, Burri, Fontana, Warhol, De Dominicis, and Paolini.

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